I.B. Storey regularly contributes articles within the recreational and industrial sector.

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Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA) Facility Forum Energy Champion Series:

Spring 2023 – “Inconvenient Data and Three Large” explores why energy efficiency should not be considered “inconvenient”

Winter 2022 – “Synchronicity of Energy and Resiliency” a discussion on resiliency and energy management

Fall 2022 – “Applied Innovation Unlocks Potentialexplores the benefits of exploring applied innovation

Summer 2022 – “NHL’s Corporate Partnership Focus on Community Rinksdiscusses the NHL’s partnership and their commitment to community rinks

Spring 2022 – “Energy Championship Awakens” explores how skills being a knowledgeable energy champion are going to be highly sought after with the current climate crisis.

Winter 2021 – “Success Awaits Even With Murphy Riding Shotgun” discusses the importance of picking yourself up after every fall and being able to regroup.

Fall 2021 – “Confused Labels & Changed Thinking” talks about the confusion over terminology involving energy management, efficiency, and required ventilation.

Summer 2021 – “Liability to Viability Through Sustainability” explores turning the liability of recreation facility costs into viable community hubs by leveraging sustainability.

Spring 2021 – “Sustainable Confusion and Misnomer Paralysis” highlighting how not all rating systems and certifications have the same objective.

Winter 2021 – “The Paradox of Shunning Innovation” highlighting the need to embrace new & innovative measures within recreational facilities.

Fall 2020 – “Net Zero Ready” whether looking to implement now or seeking more information the article discusses what is Net Zero Ready & path to achieve it.

Summer 2020 – “Ostrich or Carpe Diem?” discussing the role recreation facilities play in the community.

Spring 2020 – “Toe Pick” discussing decisions that can inhibit projects from going ahead.

Winter 2020 – “Buggy Whips and Grails” detailing the adoption of technologies in recreational facilities.

Fall 2019 – “Your Perspective Your Success” on viewing projects positively and considering all benefits.

Summer 2019 – “Many Birds, One Stone” highlighting benefits of project bundling.

Spring 2019 – “Efficiency 2.0” on taking action to eliminate waste.

Winter 2019 – “Big Winner” highlighting the importance of having a vision.

Fall 2018 – “Forest & Trees” discussing bigger picture when considering upgrades.

Summer 2018 – “Diligent Energy Stewardship” discussing CO2 refrigeration

Articles that are no longer available on-line:

ORFA Facility Forum Magazine:

  • Spring 2018 “The Engine to Excel”
  • Winter 2017 “Dealing with your Inheritance”
  • Fall 2017 “Take Action”
  • Summer 2017 “Time to Plan”
  • Spring 2017 “Globally Demotivating”
  • Winter 2016 “Get Moving”
  • Summer 2016 “It Depends”
  • Spring 2016 “Promoting Responsible Energy Use”
  • Additional article “Increasing the Financial Sustainability of Your Recreational Facility: Planning for the Future While Saving Money” can be found on page 40 in the Facility Forum Volume 19 Issue.

U.S Ice Rink Association (formerly Serving the American Rinks) Rink Magazine:

  • Fall 2016 Rink Magazine “Energy Recycling & Cost Integration” found on page 33.
  • Our Article “Cold Water Flooding: Friend or Foe” can be found on page 26 of the STAR Rink Magazine July/August 2014 publication.
  • Industrial Experience
  • Accelerate America February 2017 article “A Canadian First” highlighting the innovative upgrades implemented at the Wholesome Harvest Baking facility in Etobicoke, Ontario.