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Case Studies



I.B. Storey recently published articles within the recreational and industrial sector can be found below with links to the full articles.

Regular contributor to Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA) Facility Forum Energy Champion Series:

  • Summer 2018 “Diligent Energy Stewardship” discussing CO2 with full article here 
  • Spring 2018 “The Engine to Excel” found on page 25. See full article here
  • Winter 2017  “Dealing with your Inheritance” found on page 29. See full article here
  • Fall 2017 “Take Action” found on page 19. See full article here
  • Summer 2017 “Time to Plan” found on page 25. See full article here
  • Spring 2017 “Globally Demotivating” found on page 21. See full article here
  • Winter 2016 “Get Moving” found on page 44. See full article here
  • Summer 2016 “It Depends” found on page 45. See full article here
  • Spring 2016 “Promoting Responsible Energy Use” found on page 40. See full article here

Additional article “Increasing the Financial Sustainability of Your Recreational Facility: Planning for the Future While Saving Money” can be found on page 40 in the Facility Forum Volume 19 Issue. – See full article here.

U.S Ice Rink Association (formerly Serving the American Rinks) Rink Magazine:

  • Fall 2016 Rink Magazine “Energy Recycling & Cost Integration” found on page 33. Full article here
  • Our Article “Cold Water Flooding: Friend or Foe” can be found on page 26 of the STAR Rink Magazine July/August 2014 publication. – See full article here.


Industrial Experience

  • Accelerate America February 2017 article “A Canadian First” highlighting the innovative upgrades implemented at the Wholesome Harvest Baking facility in Etobicoke, Ontario. See full article here

Case Studies

I.B. Storey Inc. was retained by Cole Harbor Place in 2008 to help address their energy needs. – Check out the full case study here.

Highlighted results delivered at Chippawa Willoughby Memorial Arena in Niagara Falls summarized in Recreation PEI article “Enhanced Efficiency through I.B. Storey Inc.” found on page 6. See full article here